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Originally Posted by raubvogel View Post
From a design standpoint you make sense, lockjaw, as the Glock equivalent to the CZ Kadett kit would be sold for as much as this pistol and without all the trouble of registering and serializing it (at least in the US; in Europe it would still be a restricted item) as firearm, and they could make versions for the different frame sizes.

However, I think this one was an exercise of cutting corners and saving money: I bet an aluminum slide version would cost more to manufacture once they paid off the moulds because not only of material cost but also cost of post-casting machining. Somewhere in between price-wise would be Zamak.
I didn’t consider the conversion kit as a way to curb registration.

My thought is that with all the other .22 pistols on the market, a Glock .22 would be mostly embraced by Glock shooters. Glock shooters typically have multiple Glocks... and there are also a plethora of .40 Glocks out there that have fallen out of vogue. Lots of candidates out there for a .22 conversion.

I think Glock shooters would embrace having to be ability shoot and train with a full size and weight gun range that shoots .22 ammo. It would also be a nice “crawl phase” accessory for introducing new shooters. In addition, it would be a fun novelty for plinking.

A 15 ounce .22 dedicated Glock is just a novelty, that apparently isn’t very fun.
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