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Exclamation CAUTION - GO SLOW

This is not a gunsmithing thread, BUT NOT SO FAST WITH THAT FILE !
Originally Posted by fussbudget View Post
Having to massage the rear locking tab on the upper so the upper closes all the way but I figured there would be some hand fitting.
Its locking but the take down lever is not going all the way down so a bit more filing will have to be done.
The take down lever is NOT supposed to "go all the way down" on a new receiver! There's supposed to be some margin for wearing in. Read thru this whole thread : Not closing 100%

The correct position of take down lever is shown in this pic:
The barrel indexes at 11o'clock so I will have to hit my buddy up for his FAL tools to cinch the barrel down.
That's exactly where you want it to hand time. About 90# of torque should take to top dead center.

Don't mean to get in your business, but I'd hate to see you mess up your build of a really nice, rare kit. If you have any gunsmithing questions - just start a thread here in "FN Files" or "Gunsmithing" subforums. Knowledgeable folks will be glad to chime in to help.
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