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...not exactly on topic, but I have a 1980s Colt conversion kit with a few original mags.

It runs flawlessly with high velocity rounds. The mags are damned near indestructible.

Like SIG220 pointed out, you will get best results with a 1/12 barrel (or 1/14... they are available if you are building from scratch).

If I was to build a .22lr dedicated upper (I have wanted to, too many other pokers in the fire.... but I have researched it), I would build a traditional AR upper with 1/14 barrel, and toss in a CMMG .22lr kit (excellent reputation). Going this route, you still have the option of dropping in a 5.56 BCG if you ever want to play with 55 grain and lower rounds.

3. Upper receiver and FSB/gas block of your choice.
4. Handguard configuration of your choice.
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