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If you will send either the MP5 or mini uzi to my wife via FedEx air with one round, a return label and there will be one more widow on planet earth if she figures out how much money I saved us on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. She will just see the dollars spent, not the dollars saved and go loopy. Better yet send with full magazine and safety selector taped to full auto. Hate to get shot once with a 9mm and live especially if haven't taken my body armor off first. (Level 2 with 6"9" special threat plate when choose ammo) Since only NFA full autos owned are 380 and 5.56 then a wide mix of binary rifles in 5.56, 22 Nosler, 6.8 spc II, 458 SOCOM, 7.62 NATO and 338 Federal so won't be any way to link wife to a 9mm sub gun and she can swear some "large black man with red hair and a club foot" (quote from movie Deathwish) mowed me down in the front yard then FedEx the uzi back.
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