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Even CNN is saying,,,this was the dumbest thing they ever heard said.

The king can't take shit away from 150,000,000 plus people,,unless,,,the people give it up,,,,, upon the simple asking.

Said another way,,,,,if only 10% of the American population simply stops stopping at stop signs,,,say that three time fast,,,, what would the police do??????

Not a damn thing.

30,000,000 people,,,can do any damned thing they wish to do.

With our population numbers,,if even a tiny fraction of the population decides not to follow any law,,,,then all hell truly breaks loose in this country,,,because all the combined resources to maintain law and order,,can't cope.

I once believed as most folks do today,,,that was until a certain job I held in the Army opened my eyes to this.

The USSR,,,with all its internal security police,,secret police,,internal spies,,,hundreds of thousands of internal snitches,,gulags,,,outright murders,,,,could not hold that place together,,,,once a small percentage of the population,,said no more.

Once the population said,,,in very small numbers at first,,,no,,,no more,,,the whole damned thing fell apart.

If the old USSR,,,with a pretty much disarmed population,,,total control,,can't handle a small % of their population,,,,what hope in hell does these dimwits to control this gunned up population full of combat vets,,none!

The king is terrified,,of the huge elephant breaking the tiny little chain around its ankle.
You may find me dead in a ditch one day, on my knees, but I will be up to my waist in spent rifle brass.

It ain't the firearms they are wanting to be rid of, its you!
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