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Originally Posted by Arby View Post
What happens if they pass the laws and sit back and declare victory? What if nobody comes for your firearms?

The idea that noncompliance is some sort of victory is poorly conceived. If they pass the laws and the courts uphold those laws, they have WON. No more casual plinking, no more going to the range, no more teaching the kids how to shoot ARs, FALs, and whatever else gets banned. Get caught with the banned firearms and lose everything. You can hide what you have but you can't use it. The chances of a mass uprising are very small, especially if enforcement of the law is relatively passive (i.e, they don't go house-to-house, but if they catch you with the firearm you are going to prison).

We have to win in the voting booths and the courts, before the 2nd is eroded any further. Vote the right people in. Vote the wrong people out.
I dont neccessarily agree--the crown passed alot of laws when we were a mere colony. I'd say the percentages are still there of those of us willing to oppose the 'new' crown.
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