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I've parkerized for 30 years or so and I gotta say this. If you add oil or WD-40 to your park solution, it's then junk. The gray-green patina is formed from years of having that grease, oil, hands-rubbed-on-it, etc. Yes, it can be faked, but there are different shades of that patina in different places and one can tell the original by looking in areas that don't get handled and such. With this said, I've all but retired from parkerizing, some of which is because the time involved vs. the money that is made. Sand blasters eat themselves up. I mainly do my own and a few members stuff now and that's my choice. I could have all the work I want just here alone, not counting the countless Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycle parts that are also parkerized. Normally, my turn around time (especially for The Chief) was 1 or 2 days tops. I don't like parts sitting around that are not mine. Others cannot claim this because they have a back log. I simply did not sleep much and would stay up and do the parts and have them back in the shipping box while they were still warm. Not bragging, just giving some of my experience. Guys appreciate a turn around time that's quick because, well you know, we gotta get that build done NOW! Haha.

Good luck.

PS. I degrease prior to sandblasting so it don't get in my sandblaster. I made a few write ups in the Gunsmithing section, as others have, if you would like to read about them (not that you don't know what you are doing).

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