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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
In reality,,,if they begin to whole scale kill people simply having these banned weapons/magazines,,,are you going to stand by and wait for them to come murder you?

Or, will you and millions of others decide,,to prevent that from happening?

To enforce this whole scale,,,they will need to go after a lot of people at one time and all the time,,,what do you believe will happen then?

A large percentage of police in this country have already said,,and in fact done,,we're not going to try and enforce this shit,,,we don;t have the manpower,,don;t wish to be killed, and its against the constitution.

Once that tiny chain comes off the elephants leg,,its never pretty for all the people that beat on that animal since its birth.

All laws in this country are enforced by the people.

When the people say screw this,,,like is happening now,,,nothing can be done to force the issue.

The king is naked.
That's a good one...

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