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Originally Posted by Fallujahgrunt View Post
I bead blast parts to bare metal using an industrial bead blaster with fine media. Then degrease each part with a degreasing solution. I also use fresh parkerizing solution each time to give a consistent finish on all parts.
I’ve found my finish mix closely matches Aussie and Canadian parts well. A lot has to do with strength of solution and time left in the solution.
Thank you as it is important to know. The reason I had asked is a few years ago a member was parkerizing parts and kits at a very reasonable cost. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for some rust to appear on the parts and kits. It appears there was little or no pre-prep done to the parts.

I have read to obtain a green/gray pantina to the metal, oil or cosmoline (MIL-C-11796C Class 3) was added to the phosphate solution.
Have you had any experience with this?
Several years ago I had a company refinish a M1 Carbine and an Australian L1A1 in green/gray and was very pleased with the results.

As a positive marketing tool, a photo of one of your refinished L1A1's would be appriciated.
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