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Walker Electronic Muffs with Clip on FRS Radio $59 Each

Midway has the Walker's Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs (NRR 23dB) Flat Dark Earth with Free Walkie Talkie for $59 each. This gives you a set of electronic hearing muffs with a well engineered clip on/clip off FRS radio that attaches to muffs. Very handy if have a few folks over a dove field or spread around an area in varmint blinds or deer hunting and someone needs help or group is tracking a wounded animal.

Can use as plain muffs, electronic muffs where hear ambient sounds amplified up to 4x around you or attach the FRS radio with voice operated fold out of way microphone.

Have top of the line MSA Sordins, 3M Peltors and Walker Quads with four microphones, Bluetooth plus sets with auxiliary inputs for radios and myriad of features that range in price from $99 to $750 per set. When pull on an overt vest and helmet phone links to headsets then plug cable into auxiliary jack and am able to use phone, two radios and hear what's going on around me better than with my bare ears while shunting all loud sounds that can damage hearing. To be able to do this for $59 per person I ordered four and then ordered another pair after some thought so can go out with up to six people and all have hearing pro that talks to each other with three mile range.

Imagine a pig hunt after dark with a couple or three ATV's, each with a pair of shooters how much safer and more effective the hunt could be. Pair sees a group of dozen or more hogs can easily bring another group of shooters into safe position to set up a crossfire situation while positioning another group or two in direction think the unshot hogs in herd will run into a full on ambush. All without having to push buttons like hands free driving. Now have thermal on two AR 15's and one AR 10 along with Gen 2+ Starlight on two AR's and Gen 3 on an M1a. At neighbors farm eight miles up the road where hogs are overrunning him already, soon as weather cools plan to see if can take some friends to efficiently and safely push them across the borders back into Laos and Cambodia. May take a few trips but hogs may get a clue. These Walker's will save me loaning out expensive helmets with headsets plus ham radios to people unfamiliar with combat comm systems.

There are places close to me this style of pig killing will be a huge service to the community all while making it safer as all participants are in constant communication and in worst case if one groups stray rounds end up too close to another group or participant in the hunt people can start screaming cease fire even with the overpowering sound of a multiple AR's and MBR's booming. All will hear there is an issue without having to key a PTT switch or answer a cell phone if need to stop shooting. Six people is most I have ever hunted with thus should be enough and personally will use one of my mid or high dollar helmet mount sets patched into radios on an overt armor set in case someone messes up in my direction. Worries me hunting after dark with a group though not had an issue yet.

Picture of Headset mentioned:
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