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Originally Posted by C2A1 View Post
Ebola in a city of 2 million with an airport. A person is infectous after 2 days but is mobile for 21 days. Now if that doesn't give one a pause for thought.

If this ever gets loose inside the USA,,,,people will not be prepared,,people will not do what is required to stay alive,,people will not listen to nor comply with instructions,,blind terror will take over and more importantly,,,be PUSHED by the media,,which will stampede people into a blind crazy panic.

That's the good news.

The bad news,,,

All or nearly all major urban areas are being run by dimwits,,,who WILL NEVER pull the trigger and shut down their hell holes before all parts of the country is facing infections.

Guard and reserve units will be called up first,,and half or more won;t show up,,local troops taking care of their families first, same for police, medical, fire.

Some fool(s) decides,,,fire will stop the infection from spreading,,so they light fires in cities,,no fire or police,,police would have to safe guard firemen that do show up for a shift,,tight packed urban areas go up in flames,,,which drives people out into the blurbs/countryside.

I'd suspect,,,only ten cases,,,in ten major urban areas,,,would shutdown the whole country.

When it comes to this stuff,,,,people go medieval in the flash of an eye.

300 yard killing area,,anything that is warm blooded,,,wait it out.................
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