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Listened to a weekly radio show hosted by an Atlanta doctor who has a myriad of guest doctors discussing different subjects each week on Sunday. This week's topic was how much injustice we are doing to up and coming generatons by running to the doctor and having a round of antibiotics prescribed everytime they run a mild fever, have a mild stomach bug or other common sickness. In turn all we are doing is teaching the virus or bacteria in their body to adapt and learn to mutate. Bacteria and virus have a type of intelligence and will to survive.

The more we throw antibiotics at them the more their bodies and propensity to certain bugs learn to hide the bug from common antibiotics. One doctor said he has a threshold where he basically uses cave man common sense by using ice packs to keep temperature down and appropriate OTC medications for symptoms. Monitors his family member closely and if their temperature reaches point of real danger or other symptoms go beyond his comfort level then dips into antibiotics as a last resort. All agreed the least antibiotics a body sees the more effective they are when needed.

They also encouraged listeners to get over the belief that innoculations are a third world treatment as we have pushed all of the common bugs we used to immunize against into the extinction catagory. All the immigrants flowing in from around the world are bringing measels, mumps, polio and other things many parents now believe the immunization is more of a risk than the disease. All seem to be making a come back. They recommended highly giving all teens the three in one Td/IPV*vaccine that protects against tetanus, diphtheria and polio.

I recently got the pneumonia and a shingles vaccination as seen a real case of shingles that has followed my wife with debilitating neuropathy for over a decade. Her case was so severexcited she was in bed for over four months and after first visit the doctor said not to bring her back in his office. Every two weeks I would go in with a current set of photos, vitals and occasional blood sample. They closed their office after we left and all went to the local health agency for a shingles vaccination as didn't have it in the office and had a crew come in and professionally clean/disenfect entire building as what they saw when looked at her back scared the hell out of them. Imagine living in a SHTF scenario and getting whacked with this when no medical care was around the corner or even accessible except for what's in your kit.

These are not even the worst but a sample of one of three nerve pathway hers ran when contracted the virus. Hers was over a decade ago and the pathway that ran around from spine to heart still causes regular pain and the doctors say there is a chance it will cause a heart attack even now due to how bad it damaged that nerve bundle and the pain in her chestate that doubles her over at times. Usually one area is affected and she had three, all radiating from spine and wrapping around left side of body all the way to her heart muscle on top path, around to belly button on mid path and from lumbar around hip where she has had neuralgia running down her left leg sciatica ever since.

One doctor even wrote an article for a medical journal based on her case. We spent a pile of cash on medicines most won't have in their kits fighting this "simple" case of shingles. Have a friend in my Bible study group whose shingles got into one of his eyes rendering him blind to this day in the affected eye. If you have not had the shingles vaccination yet get it. I had a very minor case in my forties with a faint rash, back pain and was better in a couple weeks. Doctors said odds of it hitting me twice in my life are low but happened so young then saw how bad it whacked the wife and other friends I got vaccinated anyway. Who cares if the vaccine takes a month off my life if it saves a month or four suffering like the wife did.

I am basically getting vaccinated for everything. Went through all the cap required to visit India back when traveled third world countries all the time. Always asking doctors if need any boosters or if new immunizations have come out so can keep my body as prepared as possible to fight new bugs or existing ones with age creeping along. Have a huge stockpile of antivirals and antibiotics though in case the SHTF and have to treat my hive with only what I have on hand.
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