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I carry open almost every day but have an oversize shirt can pull on and hide the gun except to people that notice such things. Between wearing light armor daily (if you need a gun, don't you need armor or are you really that much better than the guy who sticks a Glock against your spine from behind) and a shirt to cover the armor it gets warm doing manual labor but my job has me on side of the road half the week doing field work and in my building other half except for going to pick up supplies or stop at grocery store/pharmacy on way home.

At LGS workers will occasionally slip up and take a stab at getting another's gun for grins if paying attention to computer or gunsmith in task. Stunned them when two of the worst purpetrators of shenanigans and practical jokes make a play for mine and the Level 3 dual lock holster combined with always trying to keep elbow over gun butt allows me plenty of time to pivot on gun hand and have hand on pistol with first lock actuated and finger on second and they are under a second from a speed rock.

Work I always carry a SIG in 40 Smith using a SIG or Blackhawk Level 3 retention holster and three spare mags on weak side. For dress carry a 1911 in either a Bianchi thumb break rig or Galco Shoulder rig and often both. When carry concealed always try to have a level 1 retention holster.

One of my Level 1 retention holsters for 1911:

Mag carrier comes off as adds time to draw as muzzle has to clear top of mag before begin bringing muzzle up toward target:

Level 3 SIG retention holster note side lock:

Thumb Lock on same SIG holster:

I practice drawing from this rig at least five days a week for a dozen cycles plus a couple of live fire, draw double tap, re-holster and repeat. Only adds a half second from surrender position to first round over a traditional holster with lots of practice. Thumb bumps release as hand meets butt of pistol and trigger finger depresses side lock before hand is totally wrapped around butt. If not positioned on shooter it's almost impossible for someone else to operate both locks even if know how the work if carrier starts pivot quickly.

A few 1911's in Bianchi thumb break rigs:

Believe it or not wear two to three 1911's when herding sheep at church:

With the three pistols above level 3a armor plus Dyneema multi-threat plates with a tailored sport coat very few realize am even carrying, much less a rebuilt IPSC pistol with tritium front sight and trigger pull raised to 3.25 pounds.

My older sheep herding setup, still use for lower profile events:

Super low profile Safariland mag carriers:

Briefcase carry, great for doctor visits as level 3a armored with special threat plates, close at hand and can get through scans or exams without major flags if nervous practice:

Some of the contents not counting lots of spare mags in velcro pouch.

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