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Originally Posted by BamaFal View Post
With two years street experience I attended a weapons retention class with 10 officers. As a test scenario to start the class, we were dispatched to "sears" to get an unhappy customer to remove himself from the front door as he was creating a disturbance - things have changed some over the last 30 years!

We each took turns being the dispatched officer and then the unhappy customer. Of the 22 tests, 21 of the officers lost their weapon.

Street experience of the 11 officers varied from 2 to 15 years. Quite a bit of retrospection/discussion took place.

My opinion based on my experience from that class and career is that open carry is for those that have weapons retention training. Otherwise, stealth is your friend.
Right on. Our agency conducts weapons retention training (and vice-versa) annually. Our issued holsters have a retention safety that must be tripped before unholstered... which is PIA, but with additional training, it is manageable.

Criminals train. Criminals may also have more tangible street experience than most person tangible training experience. Outside of uniform, stealth is king. The wolf isn't going to show you his cards, why would you show him yours?
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