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Originally Posted by hkshooter View Post
I see douche bags OC around here frequently. And it's always the same guy, ball cap wearing read neck types with soiled, well, everything, a dirty bandana under their hat, a two week "I can't grow a bear but I'm trying" types who make me cringe at the thought they are representing law abiding, hard working, non-douche bags. These guys are the ones the sheep see, not the clean cut, well dressed, respectful guy or gal who has their pistol behind their belt of in their purse.
I have to remind myself that America is made of all types and simply ignore them, knowing they will be the first ones shot in an event of any sort either by the bad guy or later, the police.
I used to see the same dude in the last town that I lived in. By coincidence, I ended up right behind him twice in the check-out line at the local grocery store, during the same week. Both times he wore the same black wife beater tucked in his jeans, sloppy fat rolls hanging over his belt, chicken arms with "jail house" tats, pony tail, facial stubble, wearing sunglasses inside, and prominently displayed an M&P holstered on his hip.

The guy was a total prick to the girl running the register. The guy rubbed me wrong and made my blood boil..... I later learned he was a popular figure on a local "Cop Block" Facebook page and one of the "sovereign citizen" nutjobs. He was eventually arrested for showing up in a government office somewhere and was arrested, trying to make some kind of stupid theatrical statement for his Facebook followers.

Then there is another dude, a fat little round 5 foot tall, while drives a lifted F-250 extended cab, with Marine, veteran, Sniper, blah blah blah .... decals slapped all over the rear window, tail gate, and bumper. He carries a 1911 on his hip. He had a carry and conceal license, but he chose to open carry anyway. He is a massive prick as well, he didn't believe that he needed to use a turn signal or seat belt. He was very quick to point out that he was a veteran and disabled, apparently the decals all over his truck didn't give it away. Local court thought otherwise. Ha ha.
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