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Originally Posted by ExCdnSoldierInTx View Post
Dang, Wolf, what are you hauling around there? It looks like a '58 Remington clone....
Nice hip rig there, store bought, or custom made?

In the picture Iím carrying a 1861 NAVY / Richards Transition Model, Type II .38 Special, with a 8" Barrel. The 1961 NAVY was 36 Cal cap and ball pistol. The Type II is conversion from cap and ball to 38 long colt / 38 special. The leather is store bought, but it is hand made special order.

My every day OC is a SAR K2-45 which is a 14 +1 double stack 45acp which is a CZ 97 clone that uses the Sig barrel lockup. The leather for it is all custom hand made.

.308 Isn't an area code, but it can still make long distance calls.
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