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Originally Posted by Jaxxas View Post
So I've been remodeling (for lack of a better word) my garage/shop. Getting rid of unused stuff, cleaning up and rearranging equipment. Finally decided to bolt down some equipment to the floor. Mostly the treadle hammer and the compressor, just getting tired of them dancing around the floor.

So looking on Amazon I find these anchors, just what I need but who needs 50 anchors for $28? Well I find locally it cost me more than $30 for the anchors I need so I said screw it, it can't hurt to have a couple of dozen concrete anchors laying around! Right? Who doesn't need a concrete anchor from time to time?

So I placed my order on Amazon! So after ordering I waited and waited and somehow the anchors got lost someplace in Ohio. So I contacted Confast and they got right on it and shipped me out another box of anchors which I received promptly. A few days after receiving the second box of anchors the first box of anchors finally arrived. So I emailed Confast and told them that I received the original box of anchors. Confast tells me that I can just keep them, it's not worth the cost for them to ship them back!?

Great anchors! Great company! I feel kinda bad for Confast but now I've got anchors coming out of my butt!
Surprised you don't have a buddy in construction ?. I have several buckets of assorted concrete anchors.... stud anchors , lead sets , sleeve anchors , pin anchors , drop ins. Hate tapcons and avoid them every chance I get. Between elevators and industrial electric , I love anchors !.
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