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Suppressor launch

Saw something I had never seen before today, a suppressor launched clean off the end of a rifle. Guy at the range had a new Bergara 6.5 CM rifle with Swarovski scope, a nice looking rig. Anyhow, he shoots it some and then pulls out a brand new Surefire suppressor. He mounts the suppressor and tries to twist it, and deems it secure. He then settled in and as I watched touched off a round. Sound was PHOOMP, and the suppressor lands 12-13 yards down range. Another self proclaimed expert on the line shouts: “baffle strike”! I don’t know but when they retrieved it there was no apparent damage. I walked over and said: “I don’t know anything about this stuff, but I suspect the gas pushed it off”. After a thorough examination the can was (properly this time) remounted and fired without incident. So if you have more money than sense, or even if you don’t, maybe at least read the directions for your new toy BEFORE you take it out in public.:apparent
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