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Originally Posted by douglas View Post
On Aug 21st , 1989 I walked in the Police Academy for the 1st time as a new hire recruit Officer.

I am still in Uniformed Patrol chasing 911 calls for service. Loved the adrenaline rush for years and years. Now I am a burnt out adrenaline junkie trying to keep it together for a couple more years.

The best time was spent on a 5 years tour with the gang unit. I was actually one the 1st 4 original members assigned to this unit. There were over 20 assigned when I left to go back to patrol .
The time that I spent on the dive team as a search and recovery police diver kept my adrenaline levels off the charts at times. Worked my regular patrol job until the pager went off calling us out for a dive mission. Spent 22 years as an active diver with the department.

Damn... time flies by quickly.
Lord, diver had to suck balls badly down there
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Congrats buddy, I could not do that
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