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Oh, I"ve been a member on the files for near on 20 years. I know how people here like to be.....people...."?forum people?"

Were they dips@$ts because they didn't bring enough TN. whiskey for everyone? I get it. With my luck, if I were there, they'd have brought whiskey and everyone forgot the beer. (prefer a good beer over the hard stuff) The problem is you don't know until after they come and learn where the place is that you find out they're dips.

Went to the local BLM office and got a "shooting map". I did find a place near home on blm that I think I can reach near 1000 yards. A storm was rolling in so I didn't stay long enough to find a spot to shoot prone, too much sage brush blocking the path. And I don't care for shooting off benches, which would work. Head'n back there this weekend for a better recon of the area. Only saw a few old shotgun shells and 22 casings laying around. So not used much for shooting that I can tell.
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