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Originally Posted by julysol View Post
Sweet looking place! A serious question: Where exactly is that spot? I'd like to go there for an overnighter and do some longer range shooting. I'm tired of the place I go to now. Its only 100yrds and too many very unsafe and inconsiderate shooters there. I got chased out last time from some guy shooting at rocks with ricochets flying all over the place. If this is private land, PM me and lets talk. I "leave only foot prints". Ex Cub Scout, Webelo, and Boy Scout, and a bit of a tree and critter hugger too but NO hippie. I live in the Bend area. If I have the time and space in my car, I usually take some other peoples target trash with me when I leave, especially glass and plastics.

Hi Rich-

Its obvious you've read through this thread and know we don't give out the location in public for a MULTITUDE of reasons....pretty silly of you to ask actually....

If you're in Bend, why haven't you attended one of our functions?? We have always welcomed 'Files folk.

Attending a shoot would get you all the location info needed for future's an awesome we've cultivated for 10 years...and one we're not giving access to someone we haven't vetted...
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