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Originally Posted by Invictus77 View Post
There are five US states I have not been in and Maine, Vermont, and NH are three of them. I need an excuse to get up there and an FAL shoot is the perfect excuse!

As far as I know (???) those 3 states are FAL friendly, so a shoot NH is my vote and I could fly in up there someplace. If in RI, I would likely not bring any guns as I would need to go through Massachusetts to visit ME, VT, and NH while I was up there.

You NE guys tell me if I am thinking correctly on the gun laws up there please???
You're fine traveling through Mass with guns that are locked up and unloaded as long as you don't stop in Mass or go on detours in Mass. I would be more concerned with NY + CT as they're longer drives. You can fly into both RI + NH also.
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