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Originally Posted by adam762 View Post
I never tried real hard to match park color on repairs. If it really mattered then I sprayed something on over it. One example was the L2 barrel I made from a DSA Izzy HB. Had to machine and add material to the barrel behind the gas block shoulder, then remachine for the Aussie style gas regulator cuts. The wee thin line of silver solder was the only giveaway and if you didn't know to look for it you wouldn't see it.

As for the damaged barrels, restoring the drilled chamber is not the challenge. Restoring the rifled bore is another matter. I have some ideas but like I said, time and equipment are lacking.

Hold on to those drilled BGS B barrels. Maybe someday.

It's good to see people putting thought into restorations. Funny how we've come full circle from the $99 dollar kit days.
I have four BGS barrels and will be watching to see if the ability to repair them comes to fruition.
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