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Originally Posted by STGguy View Post
Thank you all for your help here.

I ended up picking up a NOS perfect lighter birch furn set. Did we ever decide if its a good idea to hit it with a OOO or 4O steel wool, tack rag then apply a coat or two of Johnsons paste wax or ? to protect it? I'd like to do something to it to protect it if that would seem to be a good idea.
My thinking is the paste wax would be fine. According to Rich (the Blue Monster) the finish on the Izzys is beeswax, so I don't see what the paste wax would hurt.

If you want to completely refinish the Izzy birch though I've done it and made it look great as far as I'm concerned. If you'd like the method LMK and I'll share it here. Sharing pics is too much of a PITA now, so if you'd like pics PM me a cell number and I'll text them.
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