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Am I going to argue that a Taurus is as good as a Smith? Generally not, but to consider them junk on hearsay and issues with other things from them is silly. The Sigma was a Smith... REMEMBER??? But I don't associate that with their wheel guns because my IQ is a few points higher than my shoe size.

Taurus make a decent revolver, period. I've owned multiple because I fell into good deals, and the ONLY issue I've ever had with any of them was a broken hammer nose. I've had the same problem on a couple of different Smiths, so that's not a quality issue so much as it was a design issue, and akin to knowing at some point you'll have to change the brake pads on your car. Other than that the main difference isn't so much quality as it is finish. If you open them up the Smiths generally have better finishing and therefore better quality of triggers on their wheel guns. On the flip side, however, I've yet to hear about frame stretching in a Taurus large-bore, but have seen it first hand in a Model 29, so Smith has their own issues.

So you have to go model by model. You'd be hard pressed to fine a Model 85 that doesn't work well. Conversely you'd be hard pressed to find a Millennium that did (turns out it was a post-machining cleaning issue, but still, they had issues from the factory and weren't drop safe). Their single-stack 709s are great little guns. Read up on them, they are easily as good as the Gen 1 Shields (there's always a reason there's a Gen 2, see Millennium above). I bought one for a song, put a few hundred rounds of the cheapest crap ammo I could find through it without a hiccup, cleaned it and gave it to my daughter, which she carries daily now, and she's never had an issue with it.

So before you declare all things Taurus of low quality and not worth having, actually have some experience with them. For the record my 686+ is my fave wheelgun, but I have a Taurus in 44sp that gets regular carry and serves duty as the passenger door truck gun, where it's always reliable and idiot proof, and if it were stolen I'm out a Taurus.
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