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I'll be completely fair about it.

I have a Taurus mod 66. 357 seven shot. Stainless.

Even the internal parts are stainless. Which I think is a good thing. No mim parts or anything that I can see.

Most of the time, it is reserved for my wife for HD. She has carpal tunnel and can't rack the slide of a semi. But she can grip the revolver and she shoots it well. I do have a few snub smiths but she doesn't shoot them very well at any appreciable distance. So, she likes the Taurus the best and shoots it well. And lets' face it, doesn't matter what brand it is if you don't shoot it well.

She mainly feeds it 158 gr 38's in it for plinking around because they're comfortable for her. But I usually keep 110 gr Hornady XTP's in it for HD for the extra velocity and maybe slightly better expansion with that bullet if she ever were to have to use it God forbid.

Do I wish it was a smith? Well, no, but I would be perfectly content if it were.

I also know that taurus' reputation is spoiled. They used to have a good reputation and solid guns but they're not a S&W.

But I can say that my Taurus 66 has been a good handgun so far. We've had it a couple of years now. It doesn't get shot a huge lot. But probably 5 or 6 boxes has been put through it. And some of my really hot hand loads right after I got it because I wanted to proof test the gun myself just to make sure nothing weird was going on before handing it to my wife to trust.

I also occasionally put it in a shoulder holster when I'm checking my trail cameras for bear and coyote and big cats. Like I said, it's not been a bad gun.

But it isn't a Smith either. Never will be.
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