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Originally Posted by C2A1 View Post
Interesting article. This can be looked at many ways. One part I found interesting is generational modifications. humm. is that where progressives come from? Bio warfare. If not, it could be. Back in my Army days this was talked about. Using modified genetics to slowly weaken or breed out a population.
Scary stuff,,,one wonders what is really happening in all the tucked away little labs around the world.

I would suspect,,,if its possible,,,its being done somewhere,,,by someone.

Side note,,,just saw,,,down here by the border,,four folks in full protective gear, head to toe white suits, masks, with air tanks on their backs,,at a traffic?? stop along the side of the road.

All non marked cars and trucks.

Sure pray its just a drill of some kind.

No one seemed excited, and traffic, what there is of it there, was flowing normally along.

As the old man from the DOD once said,,,only get excited when the men in the white suits take off running.
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