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Originally Posted by Abominog View Post
Half truths and jabber. None of the unfinished receivers were smuggled, the containers were well inspected. And none were 99% or even close. FFS.

We had three of them built out of the Lithgow conexes

Should I hunt up one we sold that was posted and discussed here after we sold it to a member ?
The jibber jabber is by folks trying to cover the asses

I get a bit tired of all this
shit happened Okay
pretending it did not is assholishness in the extreme

look you ass, semi finished Lithgow recievers came in in those multiple Conex container shipments from OZ
shit, there have been production level sets sold ranging from raw banks through most operations you damn tard

WME once sold semi finished Lithgow blanks
don't piss upwind of me on these things

This shit went down years ago, can't even be prosecuted...limitations done ran out so why the damn fear...
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