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Originally Posted by SAFN49 View Post

While you defended the faked stamps on the T48. Holy mother of god. The blasphemer calling someone out. What a hypocritical piece of sh!t will do for a dollar.

The T48 was fake, just like the this one is fake, just like the last one one was fake, and the next one is fake.

You are not only part of the problem,you are the problem.

You re-weld destroyed receivers, have them re-engraved to match original stamped FN receivers, and call them restorations.

You are the antithesis of this board. May you burn in gun collector hell.
Says the pathological liar pretending the fake serial number engraved on the G was legit.

Yes. Taking a legit G series that was cut, and repairing it, is a restoration. And it was clearly demonstrated as such, with myself (here) and the owner (on another board) having posted clear before and after photos of the restoration.

Taking a contraband FN receiver and faking a G serial number, is not. But that one, you were crowing was legit. Because it was just like your buddy Lee's Fake contraband receivers - although his story changed so many times it was comical.

I and several others called out the anomalies in the T48 markings. Unlike you, we did not pretend they weren't noteworthy. As professionals, we "discussed" what they might mean.

All three of you turds are a disgrace - DakTo, SAFN49 and Lee Carpetbagger - all proven liars and frauds.

Fcuk you, you lying sack of shit.
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