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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
Great, great grandma's would be busting caps down this way to protect her grand babies, if anything truly dangerous/deadly gets loose south of us and begins heading north.

Only rules in survival, survive.

I've got a nice hidy hole to crawl into far north of here, not sure which would be worst, the Ebola or the reaction of the people to Ebola.

Both would be deadly
once it starts, the reaction from the public will be far worse. There will be no mercy or regard, and yes it'd go all the way to Grandma doing the shooting if she's not busy with the firewood.

I live in tx, yes the larger cities are mostly leftist, get 20 or so miles out of the city and you go back a good 50+ years culturally. In addition to the public in the rural areas being a good 50+ years passed being pissed off over what the leftist subversives have done to this country.
I'm seeing more and more of the 20-something generation becoming more and more aware of the truth.
20- something moved in next door, Honking huge Trump 2020 flag and confederate flag hanging on the garage wall.

ebola gets loose in this country & the public gets to deal with it? it will be something to make the dark ages tame by comparision. on the plus side, after the dark ages came the renaissance, where the rulers and their enforcers were killed off via disease and private property rights were default restored. Hence the renaissance in learning and life overall.
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