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Originally Posted by Wil-C View Post
then add in armed Trad americans who are now removed from the restrictions placed on the use of force at the hand of the public. Starting at the border and going north.
Anything not immediately appearing readily identifiable as american and possibly carrying the black plague X10 ? will likely get shot on sight and the body burned right there and then.

border would be closed very quickly.
Great, great grandma's would be busting caps down this way to protect her grand babies, if anything truly dangerous/deadly gets loose south of us and begins heading north.

Only rules in survival, survive.

I've got a nice hidy hole to crawl into far north of here, not sure which would be worst, the Ebola or the reaction of the people to Ebola.

Both would be deadly
You may find me dead in a ditch one day, on my knees, but I will be up to my waist in spent rifle brass.

It ain't the firearms they are wanting to be rid of, its you!
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