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Originally Posted by Exit308 View Post
Any chance you fellas can be specific.

Sometimes I can read between the lines, but not always.
The USA can seal the southern border inside say 12/16 hours, so nothing and no one can cross or even get close to it.

It would require one hell of a motivation to do it, and 50 to 80% death rates of say Ebola would or should do it.

Right now, Ebola moves at "walking speed", it gets loose/takes root here in the USA, it moves at 600 mph worldwide, shuts down all world commerce, destroys the markets, and on and on.

Billions of lives and trillions of dollars at stake, the whole southern border would be a death zone inside 24 hours.

Nothing makes people more deadly, than survival.

Countries are no different.

The USA would use everything we own in the inventory to stop an Ebola infection from crossing our borders.

Ebola in Africa is one thing, in a western country, all rules go out the window.
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