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Originally Posted by Retired Bum View Post

I am not sure that I understand your question. Are you referring to the P210 or the current Sig 1911's being manufactured in Exeter, N.H.

The P210 of old does use the Colt/Browning tilting barrel with two locking lugs machined in the slide and the top of the barrel. But that is where the P210 and M1911 part ways. The P210's slide rides inside of the frame and has unitized lock work ala the Tokarev TT-33.

The current production American made P210A uses the classic Sig barrel hood lockup. Much easier to produce and of course cheaper to make. Nothing wrong with it because this type of lockup is widely used by many auto pistol makers these days.

And so it goes.

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I didn't realize the different feeding designs between the Sigs vs the standard 1911. I just assumed the Sig was another JMB knock off like Kimber. Friend of mine got some target type 1911 sig in 9mm that he showed me years back. He paid a pretty penny for it and am wondering if it was a 210.
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