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As I recall the Bain & Davis gun shop out in Kali developed the .357/44 B&D wildcat round back in the late 1950's or very early 1960's. BJ is correct that the first revolvers converted to this wildcat were Ruger Blackhawks. They also would convert a S&W Model 27 and 28 at extra cost.

As I understand it, the .357/44 would produce .44 Magnum muzzle energy with the 158 grain JSP bullets available back then. Less recoil, flat trajectory for a revolver round, and there were no reported problems with cylinder lockup.

Maybe 30 years ago I was in a gun shop and saw a Ruger .357 Blackhawk with a 6.5 inch barrel converted to the .357/44 B&D. It could be had with formed cases, dies, and a loading data sheet for only $250. I gave it some thought but ended up giving it a pass. I didn't want to get into wildcat cartridges back then and still don't to this day.

And so it goes.

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