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The M53 I have has the six inch barrel. I chronographed six rounds of R-P factory ammo and it did 1750 fps but with a big velocity spread. My hand load using the 40 grain Remington bullet with H110 powder and a Winchester magnum pistol primer does 1850 fps with the same level of velocity spread as the factory load.

The muzzle blast puts my four inch M629 .44 Magnum with full power loads to shame. I use both ear plugs and muffs when shooting the M53. But I did have a handgun that was even louder. The Remington XP-100 in .221 Rem Fireball. Rated at 2650 fps in the 10.75 inch barrel. That little beast sounded like the crack of doom when fired. And yes, it did produce an impressive muzzle flash. If ever a cartridge was aptly named it was the Fireball.....

And so it goes.....

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