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Uriah Lee
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Congratulations on your kill this year. I think you did yourself right with that Ruger purchase. A friend bought the Ruger bolt gun for hunting and was initially disappointed with it. Didn't like the plastic stock. Once he got the optics mounted and did the sight in, he was like "HEY!, this thing shoots".

Still couldn't convince him to run with it, though. He wanted me build him up an AR like the other guys. So with a new barrel and an assemblage of parts out of the parts bin, he got his wish. Tagged a nice nine point buck at 80 yards with it yesterday. He says he couln't understand wtf was going on. Hit it with a broadside shot and the buck did a little shiver then took a few more steps. Hit it again and it stopped and wobbled. Fired one more and it was lights out.

Last nights autopsy showed first shot took out bottom half of lungs. Following shot exploded heart. Third took out plumbing in it's neck. Damn thing was a zombie that didn't know it was dead. A little patience would have netted results after the first hit. This was his first experience with a semi-auto and he liked it a wee bit too much. It's nice to have quick follow up shots available, but damn, easy on the bullet hose.

Hunting ammo used was the Hornady black factory stuff. Performance was considered to be very efficient and effective by the troops. Comparison to the 12ga slug loads was described as every bit as deadly with the shotgun hollow point being more explosive internally. 450 wound channel was just as deadly but without excessive tissue damage to good meat when the hollow point falls appart.

Waiting for three more hunters to report in. Michigan season is off and running and 450 bushies are evrywhere.
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