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Yeah, I'm thumb down on the 19x as well. It is an answer in search of a question. Same with the 43x. I played with them at my buddy's shop while engraving receivers and just couldn't see any value in a shorter slide with a longer grip. So I bought a 48. Because at least I could rationalize a thinner model with a 10 rd mag. I don't care for my 43. I don't see the point of permanent grip extension magazines versus a full size grip, and the slide ahs not been the concealment issue.

But the 48 is kindof sleek. I can't imagine it for OWB carry as then a 17 fits (although I hear rumer of an aftermarket steel mag that will hold more without extending). But I'm thinking the thinner slide will work better in appendix carry, which is new to me - having struggled to regain my svelte, suave, and debonair physique, I've eschewed appendix carry. But the tactical advantages are so great I am revisiting it.

I can maybe see the shorter slide on the X models being better in appendix carry because that's the one time when the longer slide + bending over, could be annoying. But for the other 270 degrees of my shrinking waistline, the longer slide is better - IMO..
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