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Originally Posted by W.E.G. View Post

If this had worked out to be a “how bout dat” drop-in no-hassle accessory, I’d had it in mind to buy one for each of the spare fotays over there in the box.

Not gonna work for me if every one has to be science project.

Thinking now I should just get an extra can of fotay ammo, stick the can on the bottom of the pile and call it good.

I'm going to hang onto my 9mm & 357 Sig conversion barrels, but got to admit, got them for a reason other than plinking.

I carry a 357 Sig for normal EDC
Either a regular Glock 33/32 or a converted 40
In my little bag that goes everywhere, got a 40 barrel, and a 9mm barrel.
Found out by mistake, was not wearing my glasses, that those KCI mags people like to hate on, the first ones they sold, would feed both 40/357 sig and 9mm from same mag.
Distances out this way are great for going anywhere, having three ammo types being able to be fired from one hand gun, pleases me!
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