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Ruining brass...

Originally Posted by imacoonass01 View Post
Saying that, I will be building it when I get my HF hydraulic press in the near future (got to finish repairing my shop from Hurricane Harvey first). Got a flat w/ jig to bend and weld, but will just buy the PTR 91 Upper to make it easier on me. I love shooting my Ptr 91 roller locking rifle. When you shoot it, you just know, that you are shooting a bad ass "replica" HK 91 rifle! I just wish they did not ruin my brass. Easttex, maybe we can build them together. Give me a PM shout.

Disclaimer: I also love shooting my FALs and L1A1's.
Hey coon, you should pick up a snap-on port buffer. The brass flies out of the ej port off the rubber buffer and leaves no dents on the brass. I reload empties from my 91 clone- they work fine!
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