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Originally Posted by ftierson View Post
I mag adapter (which works extremely well and is a snap to insert) for Glock mags was a stroke of genius (since I have a shitload of Glock 17 and Glock 18 mags (since I carry a Glock 17)).
How short a Glock mag will fit in the Ruger? In other words, will a G19 mag lock in or is it too short?

And this as good a place/time as any to note my issue with the Camp Carbine magazine disconnect. On one of my Camp .45s (the one that is not still NIB) I managed to cut a gouge in the disconnect inserting a sharp edged magazine. Every magazine would then hang up on that nick/gouge/shelf preventing insertion. I had to strip the gun down and reprofile the disconnect (dremal) and it works fine now. The dang disconnect is poorly designed and executed IMHO. It pivots at the top but hangs down, if that makes any sense. So you do not have any mechanical advantage sliding past it. Pitiful, just pitiful.

While we are taking Camps, my recent googling has indicated weaker than optimal recoil springs in these. No surprise there I guess. Stronger springs not only help prevent battering of the buffer and splitting of the stock, but supposedly provide softer recoil and promotes a cleaner firearm as less crap is blown back in the action. We shall see, Midway just scored a few of my hard-earned in exchange for a 16.5 pounder for the 9mm and a 21 pounder for the .45.

Just need to get one (or both) Camps to a Steel Challenge match. I'll show those young whipper-snappers with their AR-based PCCs a thing or twelve with a carbine I bought when their daddy was in grade school..
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