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2019 Legion 9/11 Memorial Run N Gun: Sept 7-8, Park City, KY

As usual - the best place by far to stay up to date and informed of all the discussions of this event is the Facebook Event Page at Click "Interested" or "Going" and check your notification settings and you should be dinged any time anything new is posted there. Maybe. Hell - FB is a big phat mystery to me most of the time so I just do the best I can!

For anti-FBers I will try to repost what I think is important here, so here goes:

This Match celebrates the traditions of the Green Beret’s and the legacy of Special Forces from WWII to present. Stages are based on the history of 5th Special Forces Group from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq to the destruction of IS and the current fight. Participants will be challenged both mentally and physically to balance both their intellect and skills on the clock, or against the threat.

This match is an opportunity to test rifle and pistol skills in stages based on combat situations faced by members of The Legion throughout their history. Both a 5k(ish) with [TBD] shooting stages and a 10k(ish) with [TBD] shooting stages will be offered, so you can choose your level of challenge. Match fees will be a little bit higher this year to better benefit the SFA: $100 for the 5k and $150 for the 10k.

Proceeds from this match will be donated to the Special Forces Association, Chapter 38 – an organization dedicated to supporting the Soldiers and families of the Special Forces Community.

For an idea what you might expect, check out last year's match video at or match pictures by Lisa Stennett at

Minimum Rifle Round Count: TBD (10k) or TBD (5k)
Minimum Pistol Round Count: TBD (10k) or TBD (5k)
(Recommend carrying 2 x minimum rnd count. Also, there will be a side matches you can shoot as well)
- Rifle that can reach out to 300 yds
- Rifle sling
- Enough rifle magazines to hold the minimum rifle round count at least
- Enough rifle magazine pouches to hold your rifle magazines
- Pistol with secure holster (must cover trigger guard)
- Enough pistol magazines to hold the minimum pistol round count at least
- Enough pistol magazine pouches to hold your pistol magazines
- Headlamp for navigating the cave to/from the shooting portion (you cannot use a weapon mounted light for navigating the cave)
- Tac light (pistol mounted or hand held) for the shooting portion in the cave
- Clear Eye Protection
- Hearing Protection

0630 - Registration
0730 - Shooters Meeting/Safety Brief
0800 - First Runner
TBD - Awards Ceremony

0630 - Registration
0730 - Shooters Meeting/Safety Brief
0800 - First Runner
TBD - Awards Ceremony

Questions - post on this event page as you're probably not the only one with the question. Or you can contact:

Match Director
Matt Stennett

All pictures by Lisa Stennett
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