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OK the first 20 rounds have been shot successfully. The bolt consistently locks open with gas valve set at 6 (just mid of its travel) so I set that at 5 for extra peace of mind.
I made a preliminary zero at 50 meter trying to obtain a POI about 9 cm above the POA (equivalent of shooting at 300 meter with a 6 o'clock hold) and then at 300m. Unfortunately I've found out that I have to shorten the front sight post since right now at 300 m the POI is equal to the POA. Not a bid problem.

I was curious to see the muzzle after 20 rounds and I was pretty happy to find this.

Even deep inside the FH, the gases left a symmetric print on the muzzle (not very evident in my photo) suggesting that they expanded evenly as the ball left the barrel.

An important item after a major rebuilding like this to check is the locking surface on the bolt. I've previously marked this surface with a blue felt pen.

Recoil force looks well distributed on all the surface and I can't see any "hot spot".
For extra safety I've also checked the headspace again finding no problems.

Shells look very clean, just like in a bolt action, and the action is still very well lubricated. Fouling in the chamber is negligible

Very low fouling has remained segregated in the gas block, around the gas plug and piston head. This is a tribute to the designers of our FAL that made a VERY RELIABLE system capable to perform well from the African bush to the Arctic Circle.

The surplus new steel magazine ( in Belgium) worked flawlessly.

All these checks and tests are important because before everything else you need to have blind trust in your rifle and never have the concern it might fail under pressure. Do not underestimate this point in your quest to the X Ring.

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