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Originally Posted by 0302 View Post
Believe it ornot,there is a place in Virginia called Quantico operated by Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, where the fine art of killing thy fellow man is taught, everything they teach there would be illegal by new Virginia laws. Maybe its time to move to Oklahoma or such. I hear the doggies at Fort Sill all time, no complaints around here.
There is another place in Virginia called Langley... and it is operated by a group of us government 100%and DOJ certified above the law Marxist criminals that are responsible for creating the antifa movement in this country by using their networks of communist college professors to indoctrinate, recruit and deploy this domestic Marxist insurgency group...That is precisely why we don’t see any DOJ prosecutions of them or arrests of their leadership... because it goes right back to the CIA, FBI,DNC, MSM.... in a big circle... all of these criminal organizations are engaged in one big conspiracy... and many GOP house and senate members are comprised in one way or another .... be it by financial corruption, child molestation, theft etc... none of these bastards can escape the kind of surveillance scrutiny Trump has been under and not come up with blackmail material to be used against them by these agencies ... I expect them to be in VA on the 20th dressed in any manner the CIA wants them , to be used to instigate violence.
Washington DC is a poison factory of corruption, bribe taking, blackmail and deceit

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