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When the Founders drafted, then voted to accept, the Constitution, it was done so knowing that the Constitution document provided the framework, blueprint if you will, of how the new government was organized and the authorities assigned to each component. A central piece was the implementation of divisions, each separate but fully equal, one compared to another. The three separate branches of government served the Republic well. No one branch could bully the others to impose a partisan agenda on those whom they were there to serve - We the People. The Legislative branch, Congress, was also divided into two houses, the House and the Senate in such a way that one rode herd over the other to prevent abuses of authority. It was the design that there be a contest of ideas where proposed legislation could be dissected, exposed, taken apart piece by piece, and examined completely to purposefully slow down the political process, often to stall it completely, so that the results were likely the best for the Republic and those residing in it. Regardless of political leanings, the contestants shared a common heritage, common morels, and most understood that they were there to represent the people's wishes.

That has now all changed as was plainly evident yesterday in the Senate committee hearings in Richmond, Va.. On a strict party line vote, 9 to 5, Socialists rammed several unconstitutional gun proposals through committee and on to the full senate for final vote. What this means to me, a citizen of Virginia, is that I am now disenfranchised politically in my own state because my voice, even if heard, is totally ignored by the socialist cabal that no longer represents the citizen, but does the bidding of out of state billionaires, radical special interest groups, and anyone else who can buy or extort votes to push their agenda. Its wasn't enough to shred the flag our ancestors once bled for, to tear down our statues to honorable men, or to destroy our heritage. Now in their final coup de tat they intend to make us totally submissive to their will using the threat of both hardship and violence against us if we do not comply.

Did our forefathers face any more sever threat from King George? I don't think they did. The evolving circumstances We the People are finding ourselves, not just in Virginia but all over, are not only serious in nature, they are becoming momentous. How we conduct ourselves and how we respond to this wave of tyranny will be the deciding factor that determines our fate - slave or free.
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