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UBC mandatory de facto registration/confiscation scheme

RFL no due process confiscation scheme

felony for more than 1 handgun a month

localities can arbitrarily declare gunfreezone deathtraps, ban all firearms --including cap n ball/BP from any "event" -- "event" being defined as whatever/whenever they say it is, this deletes virginia state license to carry, and of course hijacking reciprocity with other states.

they are still working on the bills felonizing standard capacity magazines,
and also still working on bill felonizing newly (re)defined "assault firearms" the definition of which of course means whatever they decide it to mean to felonize who ever and whatever they want to get their way.
"if you cannot trust people with freedom, then how can you trust people with power?" It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.

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