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FK Colt. They dumped the majority of their line back in the early 90's and made some models "custom shop only", a move that instantly made an $800 six shooter command $2500.
This around the same time S&W made their near fatal PC move that cost them millions in sales and customers. It's my opinion they haven't made anything relevant in two decades and bringing back dinosaurs from a bygone era is admitting they are hurting and digging for a miracle. The only Colt product I've bought in the last twenty years is the used AR bolt group and charging handle from the MP yesterday.

I remember the 70's era Pythons. They were damn gorgeous and I wanted one bad. A six inch so I could have all the high polished royal blue I could get. Dropping the line and it's subsequent price increase of existing inventory put one way, way out of reach for my young working ass at the time. Today there's still not a revolver of any flavor I'd pay Python money for, no way, no how.
And much like S&W, I bet the new Python is a shadow of it's former self. We'll see but there's no Smith revolver made today that holds the same quality of 30 or 40 years ago. I bet Colt cuts the same corners with the same lame results.
We'll see.
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