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First you need a smaller carry gun, like a Kahr CW9 or a Glock 26. Then you need to rethink the whole holster idea. The best holster is no holster..

The reason I am saying this, is that it is a pain to keep taking a holster on and off. I normally carry a car gun (Sigma 9mm) in a holster next to my seat, and a carry gun that I can slip under a sweater or shirt when I stop at the mall, Home Depot, gas station, whatever. Sometimes I will just put my Keltec P32 in my pocket.

On the other hand, I would not recommend messican carry to anybody unless they are 100% comfortable with their weapons handling techniques. You do face serious consequences if you do something wrong.

It does work for me, been carrying that way since 1978, and never had an accident. A few close calls, like pulling out my Star Firestar from my belt, and it was cocked and unlocked - it has a hair trigger courtesy of Derek Martin. Another time I was in a motorcycle accident with my G26, lost the front and rear sight and it got scuffed up pretty bad, but no discharge. But it is fast, and the 3 gangbangers that followed me out of an AZ Walmart with robbery on their minds had no idea where it came from!

The only holster I carried and liked, was a belly band holster, but it is relatively slow. I did wear a holster when I was hunting coyotes and such, but I despise open carry in public, even where legal. Just my personal opinion, because in South Africa it will get you killed.
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