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Originally Posted by brunop View Post
After having spent a few hours running with rifles and packs and trying to be ready to shoot well - either fast 'n' close or out to 500 or 600, I've come to the conclusion that I want as much of an advantage as I can get while I run against the 20-somethings. I'm not trying to beat them for running: I'm trying to shoot smoothly enough to stay in the game while I'm running like the Delta Diamond/Desk Jockey that I am.

If it's built well, a 5 lb. rifle is superior to a 7 lb. rifle in almost every regard: it lets me mount an optic "for free". I need it. I don't want a 9 lb. rifle before ammo while I'm running up and down the hills and carrying a pack + ammo + handgun + ammo + water.

I'm pretty sure that this non-Olympian can tell the difference between 5lbs. and 7lbs. in this case. At least it feels like I can somewhere around the 8K mark when my stuff is starting to fall apart. Meanwhile, in my case, it's supposed to be one part of a larger weight-saving solution: Goal is 23 lbs.: 18 on me, and 5 on gear. We'll see how it goes.
Try Tactical Tailor out of Washington States Fight Lite line of soft gear. From gear racking, packs, clothing and more can trim several pounds off your kit but they do admit its not as durable as their main line. Designed for a few missions then replace but when going into the vortex if a soldier can drop ten pounds off their load that's ten more pounds of ammo they can carry. Or just be ten pounds lighter.
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