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sturmgrenadiere March 31, 2009 12:48

READ Before Posting: Forum Rules of Engagement
Rules of engagement for the L1A1, inch-pattern, and Indian Forums

This may be modified when I get more time to refine and articulate it, but in short:

The purpose of this forum is to have a specific niche for inch pattern / commonwealth rifles in order to:

Share country /model specific data

Share build experience

It is not the place to:

Discuss current business practices or policies of companies from an emotional or political slant or with some sort of agenda. Keep it professional.

Make any individual attack against a member or otherwise.

Criticize products or production by innuendo or suggestion. If you have quantifiable data about quality, availability, or the accuracy of a product that directly relates to an inch pattern build's safety, accuracy, or value/saving, by all means share it, but back it up with concrete proof.

If you have a personal gripe with a product or a beef with an individual or a company, there are appropriate forums to express this other than this one.

Free and open discussions of ideas are absolutely expected, but keep it within the lane and intent of this forum.

Bottom line is be able to say to the subjectís face what you post in anonymity and keep it on subject.



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