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ratas calientes September 03, 2019 12:37

Recommended ammo for youth shooting trap
I have been asked to help a young man complete his shotgun shooting merit badge. All he needs is the qualifying shoot. Two sets of 25 clays, trap (flying away), and he needs to hit 12 of 25 in each set.

I will be letting him use my Hawk 982 (Remington 870 clone) 12-gauge pump.

What ammo should I recommend his parents purchase? Shot size, weight, etc.?

This particular youth is 14 years old, still not too big.

yovinny September 03, 2019 13:47

Low brass 1 1/8 oz 7.5 shot is standard trap loading IIRC

Id buy whatever is cheapest target loading theyve got personally.

Invictus77 September 03, 2019 13:53


I just bought a couple flats of Federal Target Load at Rural King last week for less than $60 each.

ETA: Rio makes it for about the same price in a one oz load. That is a few less pellets at the bird, but it does drop the recoil a bit.

Randall September 03, 2019 20:57

yep, definitely what he said. If you can get him into a 20 gauge, it might be easier for him to manage (depending on his size of course).

okiefarmer September 03, 2019 22:14

Unless you back off to 3/4 oz on the 20 ya, the lighter weight of the gun is gonna recoil more than a 12 shooting 7/8 loads, and 7/8 is plenty for 16 yd targets for even the first time shooter. Yes, there will be fewer edge pattern hits, but if he/she is on the target, 7/8 will smoke any clay, and much easier on the shoulder of a youngster.,

ratas calientes September 04, 2019 11:38

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll look up some ammo they can mail order, and e-mail the family the details.

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